Amos 3:3

“Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?”
Amos 3:3 NKJV
“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”‭‭
Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Jesus has agreed to meet me

Everyday every hour every moment I have breath

But I in my selfishness I leave God my creator bereft

“Spend time with me please, tell me your cares!”

But no I say, I’d rather be elsewhere
Working out my affliction by the strength of my hands

Searching for affirmation in the mouth of man

“Come to me” He says “I have a better plan”

Again, today I refuse. Do I not understand?
It appears that way looking at my actions

My flesh cannot stand in this land of distractions 

As I pander always to simple pleasures

I forsake the riches of my heavenly treasures 
“Trust in me, do not depart,

Delight yourself here, have the desires of your heart

Commit your way, your plans, whatever’s hard

Rest in the arms of the Almighty King your God”
“Meet with me let’s walk today

I have ears for all that you pray

Please, my child lay your burdens at my feet

Find your rest in my presence; be set free”
My spirit is empty, my bones have dried

No longer in my sufficiency can I reside

I’ll be trapped no more by the wiles of pride

In God, my deliverer, I will abide
Please meet with me, Father, I’m ready to walk

Tonight I will go to a place of desolation 

To lift my voice in worship my hands in praises

I am powerless, dear Lord, I have nothing left

I seek only your face; please be my rest


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